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CynDee McDonald established CynDee's Hair & Nail Salon about 20 years ago with the help of herDee Berg mother, Dee Berg.  She also changed the spelling of her name to incorporate her mothers first name in it, and that is where the unique spelling of CynDee came from... sadly her mother has since passed away, but her name lives on.  With her mothers help she set up a full service salon and then realized that she would better enjoy the personalization she could give to her clients with a smaller establishment. She originally started her business with only a handful of clients in Boise, and now she owns a small private salon and use to accommodate hundreds of clients located in Boise.  If you were a former client, CynDee's wants to let you know that you were like a part of her family, and that she will miss all of you more than you realize. She has moved to Portland, OR and retired from the profession of cosmetology.

CynDee has officially retired.
CynDee has been referring all of her clients to:

Vikkis Kut & Kurls
8982 Colt Dr
Boise, ID 83709
Tel. (208) 362-4140


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